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Artists' Books in the Watkinson Library: A Checklist. Sally S. Dickinson

Porfirio DiDonna: The Shape of Knowing. John Baker

Why Stamps? Ivan Chermayeff

The WIlliam J. Glackens Collection. Elizabeth Thompson Colleary

Books For Children. David R. Godine

James Reid: Selected Wood Engravings. Robert Strossi

Between Earth and Sky. Beth Moon

Grant Drumheller: New Paintings. William Corbett

Shirley Jones and the Red Hen Press. Ronald D. Patkus

Postage Stamps by AIGA Medalists. Michael Russem

A Kat Ran Checklist. Michael Russem

Transit. Geoffrey Movius

Elegies for Michael Gizzi. William Corbett and Natalia Afentoulidou

The World of William Glackens

Memories Sue Allen

My Suffolk Downs. Melissa Shook

The Modern Predicament. George Scialabba

Paste Papers of the Pioneer Valley. David P. Bourbeau

The Enormous Chorus. Frank Kuenstler

Honor Bound

John Tullar's Farm. David Hodgdon

Down New Utrecht Avenue. Ed Barrett

What's So Funny. Joseph Torra

The Public Gardens. Linda Norton

Notes on Postage Stamps. Eric Gill

The Difference Between Things. Catherine Kehoe

Fungi selecti picti, 1821. Orra White Hitchcock

The Whalen Poem. William Corbett and Philip Guston

More Pricks Than Prizes. Tom Pickard

Further than the Blood. Guy Birchard

John Rodker's Ovid Press. By Gerald W. Cloud

Listen: Herman Leonard and His World of Jazz

The Ads. Compiled and edited by Flora M.Biddle and Fiona & Mark Donovan

The Epigrams of Martial. Laurie Duggan

A Curriculum of the Soul

Moth and Bonelight. Steven Brown and Jerry Uelsmann

Slot People and Holland And The Netherlands. Paul Hannigan

Rare Book School Travel & Housing Guide

The Maxims of Men Disclose Their Hearts. Joel-Peter Witkin

What's Left. Susan Sindall

Boston Antiquarian Book Fair

Love, Graham Nash

Huangshan. Michael Kenna

Sparta. Mark di Suvero

RBS Holiday Newsletter

Book Beautiful

Inspired Design: The Mentoring Stamp

Love Haiku. Patricia Donnegan and Yoshie Ishibashi

A Best of Fence. Rebecca Wolf and others

The New City. MacLean Gander and Jefferson Hayman

Designing the Mentoring Stamp. Lance Hidy

The Odes of Pindar. Greg Gorman

Ezra Pound in His Time and Beyond. Jesse Rossa

Mont-Saint-Michel. Henry Adams and Michael Kenna

The Sonnets of Shakespeare. Flor Garduno

The Grolier Club: List of Publications

The Veatchs Arts of the Book

The Shining Path. Raul Peschiera and Brigitte Carnochan

Gold: A Celebration of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team

Fine Press Book Association

Listening to the Earth. Morri Creech and Robert ParkeHarrison

Haiku Mind. Patricia Donegan

Out of the Cellar. David Bourbeau, Ansel Adams, and Bruce Rogers

The Double Escape. David Hodgdon

Sarah Creighton Bookbinding

Blood Migration. John Metoyer

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A good typographer does what he should do, not what he wants to do. While there are certainly many solutions to the problem of designing any one book, the better solutions—the solutions that are best for the reader—are often the simplest, or, appear to be the simplest. Ironically, the careful and thoughtful work of the designer should hardly appear at all to the casual reader lest he be distracted from the content at hand. The temptation to use typographic trickery can be overwhelming, but the careful typographer must determine what is truly required to best communicate the specific and coherent ideas of the author or artist. Only when these ideas are conveyed—no matter how delicious the paper or precious the binding—can a book be beautiful. However, while we're trying to convey those aforementioned ideas, why not letterspace the small caps and insert oldstyle figures and leave some room for your thumbs in the margins? That's what we do—even if you don't want to pay for it. We just can't help ourselves.

Many of the books on the following pages are huge, and it's absurd to try to see all of our work reduced to a few hundred pixels. (Just what is a 'pixel' anyway?) You might consider requesting (or downloading) a printed copy of Some Fifteen Books Carefully Designed, our modest printed survey of books we've designed over the last few years. We've also put together a more comprehensive digital showing, A Further Showing of Carefully Designed Books, which will allow you to zoom in and out on the designs of many of the books on the following Web pages.