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Saul Bass
Herbert Bayer
Peter Bil'ak
Max Bill
Johannes Boehland
Neville Brody
Walter Brudi
Bernard Brussel-Smith
Ivan Chermayeff
Seymour Chwast
Wim Crouwel
S.H. de Roos
Michael Doret
F.H. Ehmcke
Hermann Eidenbenz
Roger Excoffon
Experimental Jetset
Karl-Erik Forsberg
Adrian Frutiger
Eric Gill
Milton Glaser
Eugène Grasset
Walter Haettenschweiler
S.L. Hartz
Lance Hidy
Jessica Hische
Wolfgang Homola
Max Kisman
Jan Van Krimpen
Jean-Benoit Lévy
H. Lubalin & J. Pistilli
Gerrit Noordzij
Peter Matthias Noordzij
Rémy Peignot
Friedrich Peter
Vojtech Preissig
David Quay
Alex Scholing
Jurriaan Schrofer
Ko Sliggers
Erik Spiekermann
Reynolds Stone
George F. Trenholm
Georg Trump
Josef Tyfa
Gerard Unger
Henning Wagenbreth
Min Wang
Julian Waters
Eva Wilsson
Hermann Zapf

other assorted materials
Peter Behrens
Lucian Bernhard
Warren Chappell
Thomas Maitland Cleland
Tony Di Spigna
Maria Doreuli
W.A. Dwiggins
Bruce Rogers
Rudolph Ruzicka
George Salter
Jan Tschichold

about the collection «

forthcoming designers
Bo Berndal
Ismar David
Jerzy Desselberger
Kimya Gandhi
Zygfryd Gardzielewski
Andrzej Heidrich
Cyrus Highsmith
Tom Hultgren
Rob Keller
Ben Kiel
H. Kubel & S. Williams
K.T. Kristian Möller
Zvi Narkiss
Jiri Rathousky
David Jonathan Ross
Florian Schick
Nick Sherman
Jan Solpera
Hugo Steiner-Prag
Nina Stössinger
Karel Svolinsky
Lauri Toikka
Wout Trippas
Johannes Troyer
Teo Tuominen
Rostislav Vanek
Bernd Volmer
André van der Vossen

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Although a field that is often overlooked by bibliophiles and historians of printing and typography, several of the most important contributors to modern book and letter arts have made significant contributions to the design of the seemingly modest postage stamp. All of the celebrated designers listed to the left have considered the specific concerns of philatelic design. Eric Gill, although only responsible for two published designs, had (as one might expect) exacting and pointed opinions about stamp design, and carried out a lengthy public debate on the matter in the pages of the Times. Jan van Krimpen and his Enschedé colleague S.L. Hartz, designed hundreds of stamps for the Netherlands and her colonies. These, and the hundreds of examples by the above designers, are an unexplored resource of tremendous lettering and calligraphy which also provide exceptional insights into how these designers worked and solved problems.

This collection was started in 1999 after I came across the stamps of Jan Van Krimpen in A Record in Honor of His Sixtieth Birthday. There are over 1000 stamps in the collection, and I'm pretty sure I've identified every stamp by anyone who has ever designed a typeface. Think there's someone I've missed? Let me know.

Although I've catalogued all of the stamps, there are still some 600 more stamps to scan and pages to build. Care to help out with that? Why not donate $5 to the cause? By making a small contribution, we'll be able to finish building pages for the forthcoming designers listed to the left. As a small token of appreciation, we'll include a note of thanks on the page you help to make possible, and include a link from our site to yours. Want to be the first to sponsor a page that's already built? Donate $5 to get your name and link on a page with a stamp by Hermann Zapf, Erik Spiekermann or your favorite designer listed above. There are presently over 500 pages to choose from. Make a $5 donation here:


Has someone already sponsored a page you wanted to sponsor? Donate $1 to get your name listed after theirs.


Or, better yet, why not buy a copy of Lance Hidy's Designing the Mentoring Stamp or Eric Gill's Notes on Postage Stamps, or Postage Stamps by AIGA Medaists, the first three books in a planned series which will celebrate this overlooked collection of work. Reference this collection when you order your book, and we'll gladly name five of the stamp pages in your honor.

Want to know even more about these stamps? A 45-minute lecture on the subject of stamps by type designers has been delivered to The Typophiles, The Baxter Society, Smith College, The Caxton Club, The Guild of Bookworkers, Rare Book School, The Museum of Printing, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, The Ticknor Society, the University of Kentucky, and the Society of Printers. To learn how this lecture might be given to your class or organization, contact the Press.

Thanks for your interest.

Michael Russem

Latest Stamp News and Additions
New book! Why Stamps? by Ivan Chermayeff. 07.05.14
New recent stamps by Maria Doreuli. 06.22.14
New recent stamps by Experimental Jetset. 06.22.14
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New book! Philatelic Atrocities by Niko Courtelis. 06.03.14
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Philatelic Tuesday: Johannes Boehland makes medical history. 02.18.14
Philatelic Wednesday: Vojtech Preissig is Liberated. 02.05.14
New book! Postage Stamps by AIGA Medalists. 09.21.13
Philatelic Phriday: Baskin's Psychedelic Philatelic. 08.16.13
Newly found stamp designs by Herbert Bayer. 04.12.13
Newly found old stamp: George F. Trenholm. 01.29.13
Philatelic Phriday: My Mother, The Car. 09.28.12
Philatelic Phriday: Georg Olden frees the slaves. 09.21.12
Philatelic Phriday: Swiss Eggs. 09.14.12
Philatelic Phriday: Dwiggins was a Masshole. 09.07.12
Philatelic Phriday: Piet Zwart and the Queen. 08.31.12
Philatelic Phriday: Zapf's Mona Lisa. 08.24.12
Philatelic Phriday: Seymour Chwast cures children. 08.17.12
Philatelic Phriday: Copernicus and Eisenman. 08.10.12
Philatelic Phriday: An Olympic first by Eva Wilsson. 08.03.12
Newstamps by Eva Wilsson. 08.02.12
Philatelic Phriday: Reynolds Stone vs. Mitt Romney. 07.27.12
New old stamps by Hermann Eidenbenz. 07.15.12
Postal stationery proposal by Tony Di Spigna. 07.15.12
New old stamps by Fritz Helmuth Ehmcke. 07.14.12
Philatelic Phriday: Josef Tyfa, Maker of Stars. 07.13.12
Philatelic Phriday: A bag of Van Krimpen stamps. 07.06.12
Philatelic Phriday: Two stamps by Celestino Piatti. 06.28.12
Philatelic Phriday: An Antonio Frasconi stamp. 06.22.12
Philatelic Phriday: An Emil Ruder stamp. 06.15.12
Watch our Pecha Kucha about the stamps of Eric Gill here. 05.05.12
See us give the stamp lecture at the University of Kentucky. 04.20.12
Newish stamp by Wolfgang Homoloa. No joke. 04.01.12
Newly-found stamp proposals by Lucian Bernhard. 01.17.12
Newly-found stamp proposal by Warren Chappell. 01.17.12
Newish stamp by Peter Matthias Noordzij. 01.14.12
New old Christmas Seals by Thomas Maitland Cleland. 01.14.12
Five stamps by Friedrich Peter. 08.21.11
Essay on stamps by AIGA Medalists at Design Observer. 03.01.11
New book about Eric Gill's stamps published! 02.06.11

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