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New Book! The fifth title in the Kat Ran Essays in Philatelics has just been published: Why Stamps? is a new look at the collages of Ivan Chermayeff. Learn all about it and get yours here! 07.03.14

New Book! The fourth title in the Kat Ran Essays in Philatelics has just been published: Philatelic Atrocities is a fun look book of freaks, oddities, printing, and design. Learn all about it and get yours here! 06.03.14

Time to Join-Up. We do a lot of work for the American Printing History Association—including their new site. Here's their new membership brochure in Franklin Gothic and Garamond Premier Pro. 05.01.14

Type and Linen. Did you know we can walk and chew gum at the same time? It's true. And to prove it we co-opened a new brick-and-mortar store here in Cambridge. You won't often find the Kat Ran staff there, but you can see our typography all over the place. 03.20.14

Adverts. We do more work for the Boston Athenæum than we remember to bill for. Here's a recent ad for which we forgot to send an invoice. This post is a reminder for our Accounting Department. 03.10.14

Back from the Printer. How I Became a Printer, another book for Pressed Wafer, this time in Whitney types. Get yours here. 02.27.14

Poster for MIT (Again). Tess Taylor + Shapes + Benton Sans. 02.05.14

Poster for MIT. Debating the merits of marijuana with the Japanese National Debate Team in Carter Sans. 02.01.14

Sometimes We Design Websites. A new site for Pressed Wafer. 11.12.13

Back from the Printer. A Carl W. Scarbrough template with a picture we found. The original title for the book, To Kill a Child was (wisely) deemed not commercially smart, but it was a better match for this picture as the title story is about [spolier!] a child that is hit by a car. We designed the inside of the book too. Get yours here. 10.13.13

New Book! The third title in the Kat Ran Essays in Philatelics has just been published: Postage Stamps by AIGA Medalists is a survey of postage stamps by eighteen notable graphic designers. The first 100 orderers get a free stamp designed by Saul Bass! Learn all about it and get yours here! 09.20.13

Back from the Printer. Porfirio DiDonna: The Shape of Knowing. See more here. And see the exhibition here. 09.13.13

Back from the Printer (Another Day. Another Scialabbba.) For Pressed Wafer in Mercury Text and Neuzeit. Get yours here. 09.03.13

Release the Glackens! (Part II). Just sent off final files for The William J. Glackens Collection in the Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale. Watch us send off the files here. And see more pages from the book here. 09.01.13

We Believe That Children Are Our Future. The new Books For Children catalogue for David R. Godine, Publisher. See more pages here. 06.10.13

Back from the Printer. James Reid: Selected Wood Engravings set in Emerson and Carter Sans. See a sampling here. 05.20.13

Who You Callin' Chicken?Off to the printer, a book of Beth Moon photographs in English and Italian set in Garamond Premier Pro. Vedere le pagine del libro qui. 05.10.13

Off to the Printer! A little catalogue for a Grant Drumheller show. Set in Optima Nova throughout. Take a look here. 04.29.13

Neglected News. We've been too busy to update this news page, but the title of this recent catalogue encouraged us to be more attentive. 04.04.13

Off to the Printer. A little book for David R. Godine, Publisher, in Minion Pro set in the Verba Mundi manner. Get yours here.

Another Day, Another RBS Poster. We love grids. And we love when the image to be used on a poster has a grid already built in. Another poster for Rare Book School with their customary Miller and Gotham types. 11.15.12

The Christmas Season Starts Earlier and Earlier. Recently sent to the printer was Christmas Traditions in the Watkinson Library, a little exhibition catalogue for Trinity College. Set in Waters Titling and Arno Pro for that yule log feeling. 11.10.12

Off to the Printer. Another book for Shambhala Publications, The One Taste of Truth is now in the (tea) bag. Set in Kazuraki, Kouzan Brush, Mincho, and Zapf Renaissance. Browse the book here. 11.01.12

New Sister Store. Linen has long been a part of bookmaking, so it only made sense that we'd open a store dedicated to Japanse linens. Shop online 24/7 at Not only are the linens nice, but all of the web and print items are designed by us with Walbaum Grotesk types. 10.31.12

Back from the Printer.
A little book about bookman Don Engley for the Watkinson Library. 10.28.12

Tea for Two (or Shambhala).
Recently sent to the printer was The One Taste of Truth: Zen and the Art of Drinking Tea. Set in Zapf Renaissance and Kazuraki. Pre-order yours here. 08.26.12

Around the Globe (Again).
Sam Ellenport, Lemony Snicket, and A Kat Ran Checklist all in the same Boston Globe article. Download for easy reading here. 10.26.12

Checklist Flashes Before Your Eyes.
Watch every page of A Kat Ran Checklist and Some Pages from Kat Ran Press turned. It's only three and a half minutes but it feels much longer. 10.04.12

Kat Ran Checklist, Item B7.
What is so embarrassing about this book that we had to redact the publisher for his protection? Order a copy of A Kat Ran Checklist to find out. 07.23.12

On the Radio.
The photographer-poet Melissa Shook is now on the radio. Listen to her talk about her work with the workers of Suffolk Downs and how that turned into our book. 09.26.12

Around the Globe.
The photographer-poet of My Suffolk Downs talks about the migrant workers doing the dirty work at our local track. Download the interview here. 07.23.12

A Kat Ran Checklist (Or, What We Did On Our Summer Vacation).
A complete 60-page survey of our 18.5 letterpress years is now available in three editions. Details, table of contents, introduction, and prospectus are available here. 09.10.12

Gizzi Glamour Shouts.
Mark Tomlinson sent a nice set of photographs of the deluxe binding of Elegies for Michael Gizzi. Get your own copy here. 09.09.12

When in Rome.
Our recent book, My Suffolk Downs has been selected for exhibition at the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma (Which we think means something like 'Rome Museum of Contemporary Art'). See the exhibition September 20 through October 28. Or if you can't make it to Rome, put on your own private exhibition with your own private copy. 08.19.12

MC by the KRP for RBS.
We designed a last-minute poster for a Matthew Carter lecture at Rare Book School—and we held a facebook contest. Congratulations to the winners! 07.23.12

Back from the Printer.
Waiting for the Wars to End by Jim Quinn. With cover photo by Paola Ferrario. Get yours here. 07.11.12.

Your Name In Print. Get your mom or dad's name or your name on a Kat Ran-designed bookplate at the Boston Public Library when you make a donation here or here. 06.19.12

In the Mail.
In Dreams Begin Responsibilities by Delmore Schwartz with drawings by Linn Meyers is a useful and modest stunner from Shackman Press made possible with a Katherine Russem Memorial Residency for Young Printers. Get yours here. 06.19.12

All Things Must Pass. The Florence Offices of Kat Ran Press, 1999–2012. What's next? More of the same, but from just one location. 05.31.12

Aaand Stay Out!
The last press leaves the Florence Offices of Kat Ran Press on its way to Horton Tank Graphics. 05.31.12

Listen Here.
Bill Corbett, author of Elegies for Michael Gizzi, profiled on WBUR. Well-worth a listen. 05.17.12

Pole Position.
Our new book, Elegies for Michael Gizzi has the pole position in the Harvard Book Store window. Rachel Maddow looks on with envy. 05.11.12

In Print.
Time to renew your membership to the Bookplate Society: they've just published a checklist of our bookplate work and a review of our Eric Gill book. 05.11.12

New Book!
Our fourteenth book is back from the printer and regular copies of Elegies for Michael Gizzi by Bill Corbett and Natalia Afentoulidou are ready to be shipped. Learn more here. 04.25.12

Smith Does Paste Papers.
On Thursday, April 26, from 4 to 6, the Mortimer Rare Book Room at Smith College will host a celebration for Paste Papers of the Pioneer Valley and their makers. Carol Blinn will give a demo. 04.25.12

Talkin' Stamp Talk Blues (Again).
On Friday, April 20, the University of Kentucky hosted us for three mini-lectures about stamps by Gill, Van Krimpen, and Crouwel. Thank you, Wildcats! 04.20.12

Now Shipping.
Deluxe copies of My Suffolk Downs bound in paste papers by Sarah Creighton. Only a handful remain, so order one today and help us make room in the warehouse. 04.17.12

Off to the Printer. A little poster in Zapf Renaissance and Metro Black for an event at the Woodberry Poetry Room at Harvard. 04.07.12

Off to the Printer.
The MARIAB Directory, 125 Massachusetts and Rhode Island book dealers listed in alphabetical order and set in Minion and Gill Sans types. Pick one up at your local antiquarian bookseller or just see the whole list on the web and save a tree. 03.26.12

Talkin' Stamp Talk Blues (Again).
On Friday, April 20, the University of Kentucky will host our own Michael Russem for three short lectures on the postage stamps of Eric Gill, Jan Van Krimpen, and Wim Crouwel. After the philately, a little chapbookery will take place on April 21. Free stamps for all who attend. Download the UKY-designed poster for complete details. 03.25.12

Site for Sore Eyes.
Hot off the web press, a new site we've designed for one of our favorites, Mark Tomlinson. 02.15.12

Back from the Printer.
A nice little book of poems by Nate Klug, published by Pressed Wafer. Set in SabonNext and Dala Floda Bold. Get one for yourself here. 02.15.12

Free Book! With your $50 donation to the Sue Allen Fund at Rare Book School, you'll receive Memories of Sue Allen, a book we designed last week. See more of the design here. And make a donation to RBS here. 01.29.12

Coming Next Week to a Smith College Library Near You.
The Mortimer Rare Book Room will be showing the papers from Paste Papers of the Pioneer Valley along with a selection of Valley-made and paste-papered books from their collection. See the show Janaury 15 through April 15. More details. 01.11.12

New Year! New Book!
An excellent collection of easy-to-read prose poems and moving photographs about the people behind the scenes at the Suffolk Downs racetrack in East Boston. Get yours here. 01.10.12

Muriel Cooper Must Be Spinning. MIT has such a rich tradition of fantastic design, and we were shocked to see this 2011 MIT Writing Prize poster . . . but very glad to be asked to design the 2012 version. (Just in case you can't tell, ours is on the right.) 10.21.11

Off to the Printer. Just sent off files for another western Mass book: a collection of poems celebrating twenty-five years of Group 18, a poetry group based in Northampton whose members have included Jack Gilbert, Timothy Liu, and Richard Michelson. 11.16.11

The End.
The last book we designed and printed at the Florence Offices has just been announced by The Lone Oak Press: On the Hunt for the King of the Alps. Pre-order yours here. 10.21.11

Our Thoughts in Print. Part 3.
Are the traditons of fine printing out of place in the twenty-first century? We think so, but Jerry Kelly disagrees. Read our point-counter-point in Parenthesis 21: The Journal of the Fine Press Book Association. 09.29.11

Release the Glackens!
Just sent off final files for The World of William Glackens. Watch us send off the files here. Or simply pre-order a copy here. 09.22.11

Art to Choke Hearts.
Just OK'd the proofs for Embers, the memoir of Flora Miller Biddle, a former president of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Our second book for Flora follows on the heals of The Ads, which we designed for her last year. 09.19.11

Another Day, Another Site.
Actually, it's been a while since we've designed any Web sites. Does it show? This one's a simple little number for Triolet Rare Books, the new enterprise of our old friend Jesse Rossa. We've also designed his stationery and business cards. Buy a book from Jesse and maybe he'll send you a letter. 09.13.11

New Book!
A survey of paste papers from the Pioneer Valley with an introduction by David P. Bourbeau, bios, and nineteen paste papers. Regular and deluxe editions now available here. 09.13.11

Hangin' Up the Ol' Suede Apron. The Florence Offices of Kat Ran Press are now officially closed for business. (See the very last pages being printed here.) It was a pretty good seventeen years, and we're grateful to have been able to do exactly what we wanted to, but we've had enough. Now, what can we design for you at the Cambridge Offices? Designers are standing by. 09.02.11

Off to the Printer. Richard Caddel's Uncertain Time for Pressed Wafer. 08.01.11

Edible House.
We delivered 100 copies of Two Hundred & Fifty Years of John Tullar's Farm just in time for the 250th birthday party for said farm with a cake made by The Cake Boss. 07.12.11

Back from the Printer.
Catalogue 69 for the Veatchs—the fifteenth we've designed for them—has just shipped. Download your own here. 07.05.11

In the Bindery/Kitchen. We're sewing-up Honor Bound, a little book we designed for the Society of Printers which features tributes to curator Eleanor Garvey, illustrator Michael McCurdy, and designer Carl Zahn. It's been a real treat to work on this book and to contribute to such an august organization. 06.07.11

Off to the Presses! (Small Edition) We've been working on bookplates for the Mortimer Rare Book Room at Smith College. Our designs will soon be in 3000 books in five different collections—but who's counting? 05.27.11

Off to the Presses! (Big Edition) Just sent to the printer was The Enormous Chorus by Frank Kuenstler, another book for Pressed Wafer. 05.15.11

Off to the Presses! (Many Edition) For some reason we've been working on a slew of advertisements for a number of publishers, institutions, and dealers, including the Boston Athenaeum, MRBR, RBS, the Veatchs, and at least two more we can't recall at the moment. 05.01.11

On the e-Wires. Design Observer has just published our essay and slideshow about postage stamps by AIGA Medalists. Read all about it in excruciating detail here. 03.01.11

Off to the Presses! (Again.) Just sent to the printer was Down New Utrecht Avenue by Ed Barrett, another book for Pressed Wafer. 02.28.11

Off to the Presses! More books went of to the press this week, including Linda Norton's The Public Gardens for Pressed Wafer. What else happened this week? Oh, odds and ends for the acronyms: updated the APHA and FPBA sites, worked on stuff for RBS, and started preparing for the IRS. 02.25.11

Oscar Picks. Steven Heller showed his Oscar bias in his review of Notes on Postage Stamps. "Never underestimate the power of the United States Postal Service to make your day. Mine was made when I received "Eric Gill's Notes on Postage Stamps . . . It is a joy to read and view." Read for yourself at the Daily Heller. 02.24.11

New Book! The second title in the Kat Ran Essays in Philatelics is now available. Eric Gill's Notes on Postage Stamps covers the philatic ideas and pursuits of one of design's most colorful figures. A previously unpublished essay and drawings by Gill are accompanied by an afterword by Michael Russem. The first 100 orderers get a free stamp designed by Eric Gill! Learn all about it and get yours here. 02.16.11

Welcome to the Year Two Thousand and Late. We were letterpress printers into the 21st century. Why would we join the social revolution with any greater sense of timeliness? You demanded and we gave in, though. Be careful what you ask for. Now you can like us on the facebook or peruse our pictures on the flickr. Also, you can now more easily like, tweet, blog, digg, delicious, print, or email from the bottom of all of our web pages. Go nuts. 02.13.11

Off to the Presses! More's been sent to the printer. Top of the list is The Difference Between Things, a catalogue of Catherine Kehoe paintings for the Howard Yezerski Gallery. 02.07.11

ushrooms Between the Toes. No mushrooms between our toes. Bright and early this morning we were at Capital Offset to check on the printing of Fungi selecti picti, 1821 for the Smith College Libraries. All went smoothly as they know what they're doing. What else has been happening? Files have also been sent off for Joe Torra's What's So Funny for Pressed Wafer, Paul Maliszewski's Prayer and Parable for Fence Books, and Catalogue 68 for the Veatchs. We're sure other things have been happening, but those things are escaping us at present. 01.13.11

Off to the Presses. Sent off to the presses this week were two books: What's So Funny for Pressed Wafer, and The Whalen Poem for Hanging Loose Press. What came off the presses? The RBS holiday card we designed and had printed at Interrobang Letterpress. See a little of that here. 12.10.10

Talkin' Stamp Talk Blues (Again). On Thursday, December 9, The Ticknor Society will be sponsoring our stamp talk at the Boston Public Library. The talk starts at 6:30 and will be held in the Orientation Room in the McKim Building. The distribution of free stamps designed by type designers begins shortly after the conclusion of the talk, so don't say we never gave you nothing. 12.03.10

So Many Awards. So Little Time. Part V. Actually, we've never won any awards, but we did design 21st Edition's Listen by Herman Leonard, which earned the 2010 Lucie Award for Best Photography Book Publisher of the Year. Congratulations to Steve and the rest of the 21st Editions team on their third Lucie. (The other Lucies were for Sally Mann and The Everywhere Chronicles, both of which were designed by, um, us.) 10.28.10

Talkin' Stamp Talk Blues. On Thursday, October 21, we'll be gving the stamp talk at the Museum of Printing in North Andover, Massachusetts. The talk starts at 6 on the dot. The distribution of free stamps designed by type designers begins shortly thereafter. More details. 10.16.10

At the Printer. Just sent off to the printer are two new books for Pressed Wafer: Tom Pickar's More Pricks Than Prizes and Guy Birchard's Further than the Blood. 10.07.10

No News Is Good News / At the Printer. We've been swamped. And we went to Paris. But mostly we've been swamped. We can't even keep track of everything we've completed. Here are two jobs we've sent to the printer today: John Rodker's Ovid Press for Oak Knoll Press and Catalogue 67 for the Veatchs. Also sold our very first press since the last update. And updated Eric Gill's stamps. Also, before we forget, we'll be giving the stamp talk on October 21. 10.01.10

Another Site. Just uploaded a new site for Abigail Rorer & The Lone Oak Press. See about 150 of her engravings and books from her earliest days to the present. 08.02.10Talkin' Stamp Talk Blues Again. Just returned from Charlottesville, Virginia, where the stamp talk was delivered at Rare Book School, just a hop, skip, and a jump from Monticello. 07.14.10

Everything old is new again. A book we designed and printed for The Lone Oak Press way back in 2004 has just been released in a trade edition and for the Kindle by Counterpoint Press. Get yours here. 07.07.10

At the printer. Catalogue 66 (our twelfth) for the Veatchs has just been sent off to the printer. 06.26.10

At the printer. The Vade Mecum for the second week of Rare Book School's summer session. See more of the RBS redesign here and here. 06.09.10

At the printer. Ever wonder what it would have been like to summer in the Adirondacks with Mick Jagger, Robin Leach, and Gloria Vanderbilt? Now you don't have to. Read these 186 pages with 334 images of yesteryear. 06.08.10

Good Company. Two books we designed were selected for inclusion in the Bookbuilders of Boston 53rd Annual New England Book Show. Haiku Mind was included in the General Trade, nonillustrated category, with other books published by Houghton Mifflin, Beacon Press, and the Harvard University Press. The Maxims of Men Disclose Their Hearts was included in the Book Arts category. See the complete list of winners here. 05.07.10

Talkin' Stamp Talk Blues. Last night we participated in the Society of Printer's Pecha Kucha Night. Our subject? Postage Stamps by Type Designers: The Overlooked, a 7-minute survey of  designers not covered in our 45-minute talk—which, incidentally, was last delivered in March at the Caxton Club in Chicago. Many thanks, Caxtonians! 05.05.10

David R. Godine, Assister. For a few minutes, David R. Godine worked for us. He quickly quit, though, because he didn't want to wear a name tag. I even let him write out that name tag himself. Everyone's gotta start out at the bottom, David. No exceptions. 04.30.10

At the printer. Although the updates have been few and far between, we're actually swamped swamped swamped with some of our most complex projects ever. Not so complex, was this nice little booklet we just sent off to the printer. See more here. 04.13.10

More Rare Book School. The redesign of Rare Book School continues slowly with the 2010 edition of the Travel & Housing Guide. See more here. 04.01.10

Another Site. Just launched is a new site for artist, collector, and shop-keeper Teal McKibben. Teal was in the very first issue of Art in America back in 1959. Learn all about her here. 03.01.10

So Many Awards. So Little Time. Part IV. Actually, we've never won any awards, but tonight Michael Russem was awarded the 2009 New England Art Award for the People's Choice for Best Book in New England sponsored by the New England Journal of Aesthetic Research. The book in question? The Certainty of Numbers. As thanks to all those who voted for Michael (or didn't vote for Michael), we're offering this title at a special award-winning price through the end of February. Get yours here. 02.08.10

This book, is a very very very fine book. Legacy Editions has just published a book we designed in 2008—and then again in 2009—and then again later in 2009. Love, Graham Nash contains reproductions of Graham Nash's handwritten lyrics for seventeen CSN and solo songs, photographs of Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and so on, and a CD of songs. Get yours here. 01.07.10

Stamps in Print. We probably should have mentioned this sooner, but we've got a short article about postage stamps by designers of metal typefaces in the current issue of Parenthesis: the Journal of the Fine Press Book Association. Available only to members, so sign up here. 12.07.09

Ephemera Club.
No, not that Ephemera Club (which, alas, has long been neglected by the Staff). It just seems as if we've been working on all sorts of ephemeral stuff. This past week saw us working on a spring campaign for the Massachusetts & Rhode Island Antiquarian Booksellers, the usual odds-and-ends for Pod, and the first pieces in a huge redesign for Rare Book School. For the latter, Lance Hidy will be designing a new logo while we work out the typography of everything else. The RBS Holiday Newsletter (above) was the first trial in the redesign. 12.06.09

Book Seventy. What we think was the seventieth fine press book designed and/or printed at Kat Ran Press was delivered to the binder this morning. Consisting of ninety-five forms, this one was an ass-kicker. Apparently, Huangshan: Poems from the T'ang Dynasty is practically out-of-print already with just six copies remaining. Get yours here and tell 'em we sent you. 11.30.09

So Many Awards. So Little Time. Part III.
Actually, we've never won any awards, but we did design and print The Lone Oak Press's Mimpish Squinnies by Reginald Farrer with engravings by Abigail Rorer (see below), which just won the 2009 Gregynog Prize for the best book at the Oxford Book Fair. Congratulations to Abbie and the rest of the The Lone Oak Press team. 11.10.09

(De)Signed, Printed, Delivered. It's Hers. Just delivered The Matriarch of the Forest to Abigail Rorer's The Lone Oak Press. We raced to get this one done in time for Abbie to take bound copies to the Oxford book fair. Be sure to see the Headington Shark when you're over there. 10.13.09.

An Imprint Is Born. Longtime client, 21st Editions, launches a new line, Legacy Editions, with Gold: A Celebration of the 1980 Olympic Hockey Team in Words and Photographs, a book we designed earlier in the year. With an introduction by Al Michaels and an afterword by President Jimmy Carter, this books is solid gold. 10.02.09

Another job delivered.
A little book for The Primrose Academy with engravings by Hilary Paynter which we designed, printed, and bound. Details about purchasing The Race will be posted here when available. 09.25.09

Postage Stamps by Type Designers: A Primer.
More stamps. This time they're in the form of a talk to The Typophiles on Wednesday, September 23, at the National Arts Club. Details here. And download the announcement here. Incidentally, I gave the same talk to The Baxter Society last week, and they were kind and gracious hosts. Many thanks, Baxters. 09.14.09

Off to the printer.
Just finished the design for Huangshan: Poems from the T'ang Dynasty with photographs by Michael Kenna—the 25th book we've designed and/or printed for 21st Editions. We'll be printing this one next month. Pre-order your copy here. 09.10.09

New site.
We've just uploaded a new site for the American Printing History Association. See for yourself here. 08.24.09

At the printer.
Just sent off the files for Love Haiku: Japanese Poems of Yearning, Passion, and Remembrance. Pre-order yours here. 07.29.09

Now shipping.
Some Fifteen Books Carefully Designed, a modest survey of just a handful of the books we've designed over the last few years. We're happy to send a real-paper copy to our clients, potential clients, and collectors. Just call or e-mail and we'll send one right out. (Friends and the plain-old-curious will have to wait a while to receive a copy.) 07.01.09

At the printer. Just sent the Veatchs' Catalogue 63 to the printer. Download your own copy here. 06.20.09

Katherine Russem Memorial Residency for Young Printers.
Sam Jacoby of The Shackman Press was the first recipient of the above. Sam spent about a week at the Press printing A Reading for Group 47, a really well-made chapbook which puts most other chapbooks to shame. No joke. He did a great job. 06.15.09

Katherine Russem, R.I.P.

On a clear day you can see forever. Not much to show for April and May, but we have been busy on sample pages for a new 300-page book about a 250-year-old house in Egremont, Massachusetts; a book of haiku for Shambhala; updating Mollie Zanoni's site; teaching; completing Some Fifteen Books Carefully Designed; and a few other things that presently escape our minds. 05.30.09

At the printer. Last week I sent off the files for the two-volume A Best of Fence for Fence Books. Page count? 950 pages. I can't claim to have read many of those 950 pages, but I did enjoy the essays by Jonathan Lethem and Rick Moody. Pre-order your copies here. 04.07.09

New Book (for real). To celebrate fifteen years of your Kat Ran Press, and the tenth book published by your Kat Ran Press, we're offering a new book about numbers: Bruce Snider's The Certainty of Numbers. Every copy has an original drawing by Michael Russem. Get your copy here. 04.07.09

New Book (sorta).
We're distributing a new book published by Michael & Winifred Bixler. Mark Argetsinger's A Legacy of Letters is a thorough examination of Stanley Morison's type design program for Monotype. Get yours here. 03.31.09

Another Day, Another Site.
Finally live is a new site for the Fine Press Book Association. If you like letterpress and handmade paper and hand binding and books made the old-fashioned way, the FPBA is the group for you. Learn all about it here. And be sure to check their blog to which we'll be contributing as time and interests allow. 03.23.09

Reviews In the News.
Andy Polaine at The Designer's Review of Books just sent over his enthusiastic review of Designing the Mentoring Stamp, giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars: For those weary of digitalia, this will be a welcome pause. For those learning or teaching design, this should be essential reading. For everyone else, you should still read it, it’s a gem. Read more here. 02.24.09

Another Day, Another Site.
Tomorrow we'll start on Catalogue 62 for the Veatchs, which reminds us that they (the Veatchs) recently announced the new site we designed for them in the summer. We planned the structure and typography, but all of the programming was carried out by their son, Andrew. See for yourself here. 02.22.09

Close Enough.
This site for bookbinder Sarah Creighton is pretty much done. There are some odds and ends to take care of, but we have nothing to do as we wait for our morning toast to toast, so we thought we'd finally make a new post to this News section. 02.21.09

Good Company.
Designing the Mentoring Stamp was selected for inclusion in the Bookbuilders of Boston 52nd Annual New England Book Show. Apparently, the book falls into the Professional, Illustrated Book category along with books published by David Godine, The MIT Press, and University Press of New England /Hood Museum of Art. See these and others on Tuesday, April 21, at the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston. 01.23.09

Paperless Catalogue.
We work on catalogues for booksellers, so why wouldn't we work on a catalogue for Pod, our favorite shop in Brookline Village? I'm not sure how much electricity is used to look at this, but I do know this catalogue doesn't waste any paper. That's pretty green. Download one for yourself here. 12.02.08

So Many Awards. So Little Time. Part II.
Actually, we've never won any awards, but we did design and print 21st Edition's The Everywhere Chronicles by Jaime Baldridge, which earned the 2008 Lucie Award for Best Photography Book Publisher of the Year. Congratulations to Steve and the rest of the 21st Editions team on their second Lucie. (Their first award was for Sally Mann.) 11.20.08

Postage Stamps by Type Designers: The Master Collection.
After many years of research, cataloguing, and collecting, we've finally made our collection of postage stamps available to the public. See stamps by Eric Gill, S.L. Hartz, Hermann Zapf, Erik Spiekermann, Lance Hidy, Jean-Benoit Levy, and thirteen others here. Don't forget to sponsor a page so we can get all of the stamps online. 10.23.08

News and reviews.
Because we're working on books and Web sites that won't be done any time soon and thus shouldn't be mentioned, it seemed a good time to point out that there have been a number of recent reviews and articles about our work. In no particular order, consider reading Barry Moser's review of Designing the Mentoring Stamp, or Jerry Kelly's review, or this article about Inspired Design, or this Harvard Crimson article about the class Michael is teaching. Designing the Mentoring Stamp was also excerpted in Philateli-Graphics, a publication of the Graphics Philately Association. 10.20.08

Impending lecture and reception.
On Sunday, September 28, Lance Hidy and I will be will be giving brief lectures at Smith College. The lectures will precede the opening reception for Inspired Design: The Mentoring Stamp, a show of 29 bindings and supplemental materials from the Kat Ran book, Designing the Mentoring Stamp. I don't know for sure, but I bet there'll be cheese and crackers, too. For more details, download the postcard here. 09.25.08
What are we working on this afternoon?
A little prospectus for Mimpish Squinnies: Reginald Farrer's Short Guide to Worthless Plants—a book we designed and printed for The Lone Oak Press in 2006. Poor Abigail Rorer has been engraving and printing the illustrations for all this time. Get your copy here. 09.17.08

At the printer.
Being printed at Studley Press this week is volume one of Joel-Peter Witkin's The Maxims of Men Disclose Their Hearts, which we designed earlier in the summer. The second volume of plates will be printed at Kat Ran Press in the coming weeks. Order yours here. 09.08.08

Finished copy.
Just received a copy of Haiku Mind: 108 Poems to Cultivate Awareness and Open Your Heart, the second book we've designed for Shambahala Publications. Get yours here. 09.02.08

What are we doing this week?
Designing the second, revised, and expanded edition of The Double Escape. Rather than letterpress and offset printing, the publisher is trying out We'll let you know when copies are for sale. Or, you can pick up a copy at the publisher's September 10 lecture at the Peabody Essex Museum. To learn about the first edition, click here. 08.25.08
[The Double Escape is now available here. 09.15.08

From Anacreon to Zapf.
Just sent the Veatchs Arts of the Book sixtieth catalogue to the printer. Download other catalogues we've designed for the Veatchs here. 08.20.08

Inspired Design: The Mentoring Stamp.
From August 10 through December 20, the Mortimer Rare Book Room at Smith College will be showing twenty-nine bindings of our edition of Lance Hidy's Designing the Mentoring Stamp as arranged by thirty members of the New England Chapter of the Guild of Bookworkers. A full-color catalogue (designed by us) is available for purchase here. Also on display are a number of Lance Hidy's posters, sketches, and drawings, and a small showing from our collection of postage stamps designed by type designers. For more information about this exhibit, click here. The above book, by the way, was bound by C.L. Ingalls, and photographed by Stephen Petegorsky. 08.15.08

Off the press.
Just finished printing Bruce Davidson: Central Park in Platinum. Designed by Skolkin + Chickey and published by Verso Limited Editions. Get yours here. 08.13.08

Finished copy.
Just received a copy of Quiet Mind: A Beginner's Guide to Meditation, the first book we've designed for Shambahala Publications. Get yours here. 07.24.08

Web design.
Did you know we also design Web sites? It's true. Above is one we recently finished for Mollie Zanoni. More are in the works. 07.07.08

Super busy.
Since our last update almost six months ago we've worked on so many books that our shelves fell over from all the new additions. No joke. Books and catalogues have been designed for 21st Editions, Shambhala Publications, the Veatchs Arts of the Book, Fence Books, and Smith College (to name but five). The Library of Congress also bought a complete collection of our work. "The Failure of Fine Printing" was published (again) in The Fellowship of American Bibliophilic Societies Newsletter. Our health, too, has been good, although we presently have chest colds. 05.14.08

Our Thoughts in Print. Part 2.
The online e-journal (Is that redundant?) The Bonefolder has reprinted our "The Failure of Fine Printing" with a new postscript in its fall 2007 issue. Download the issue (4.5 MB) here. 11.02.07

New Book!
After working on this title for six years, we've just picked up fifteen boxes of books from Acme Bookbinding. For details, consider clicking here. 10.30.07

New Brother Site!
We don't use exclamation points lightly, but we've set up a second site to show off Michael Russem's drawings. Yes, there are plenty of more important things upon which we should be working, but it's a holiday. 07.04.07

What I'm Researching?
Postage stamps. Every single postage stamp designed by anyone who ever designed a typeface. There are about 500 stamps designed by Hermann Zapf, Eric Gill, Jan van Krimpen, Erik Spiekermann, and Lance Hidy (to name but five). The stamp above is by Walter Brudi. Check back for news of the complete collection which I'll be offering for sale and showing online. 05.30.07

Home Sweet Home. We've moved back to Massachusetts. Listen here. 05.15.07

What Are We Working On Today? Taxes and some design odds and ends for The Bridge, The Odes of Pindar, and Mont-Saint-Michel. 03.27.07M

So Many Awards. So Little Time. Actually, we've never won any awards, but we did design the University of Delaware Library's Ezra Pound in His Time and Beyond by Jesse Rossa, which has won a 2007 Leab Exhibition Catalogue Award. Congratulations to Jesse for being recognized for his fascinating catalogue. 03.26.07M

The Weather. Wicked nice. 03.25.07M

What I'm Reading Now? Penguin Special: The Story of Allen Lane, the Founder of Penguin Books and the Man Who Changed Publishing Forever by Jeremy Lewis. 03.25.07M

The Failure of Fine Printing

Our Thoughts in Print. The February 2007 issue of the Caxtonian, the journal of Chicago's Caxton Club, has my article "The Failure of Fine Printing: Why the beautiful book isn't so beautiful and the ugly book isn't so ugly." The gist of it is that a beautiful book isn't necessarily a well-designed book. It kicked-up some online dust for a few days, and we received too many thoughtful and insightful e.mails to count (or quickly respond to). Consider downloading the article here. It won't take more than a few minutes to read, but it will stay with you forever. 02.15.07M

What I'm Reading Now? An Eames Primer and The Work of Charles and Ray Eames: A Legacy of Invention. Consider downloading a transcription of Design Q & A here. 02.14.07M

The Weather. Nice. 02.13.07M

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