The Edition. 100 copies were for sale. Three remain. 72 pages printed on rectos only. 6 x 9 inches. $125 postpaid. Buy Now.


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Portraits of Katherine. In the winter of 2002, Katherine Russem, co-founder of Kat Ran Press, accidentally ingested a small piece of corncob. Unbeknownst to her, the cob stayed in her stomach for four months until it became lodged in her small intestine, making her deathly ill. After months of seemingly inexplicable sickness and several tests for cancer, the true cause of her illness was finally discovered, and the cob was surgically removed. Unfortunately, like so many Americans, Katherine was without any form of health insurance, and her mounting medical expenses far exceeded her annual income. As a surprise for her, the Staff of the Press planned a small book of tributary portraits. This book is being sold by the Press as a means of raising the funds necessary to pay for her tests, surgery, hospitalization, and many prescription drugs. All proceeds will go to pay for Katherine's daunting medical expenses. The edition will be limited to one hundred and thirty-five numbered and fifteen lettered copies. Sixteen portraits have been made by Katherine's friends and colleagues, including Susan Barber & Gemma Corsano, Ezekiel Baskin, Lucien Baskin, Sarah Belchetz-Swenson, August Black, Nellie Bridge, Sara Eichner, Kurt Gohde, Jennifer Hill, Michael Kuch, Tom Krueger, Phoebe Mathews, Robin Price & Anne Thompson, Maggy Rozycki Hiltner, Jennifer Schmidtmann, and Jocelyn Webb. The books are bound in paste papers by Claudia Cohen.

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